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The German Mikles History

During the last centuries the german Mikles lived in a village called "Schönwald" (in English maybe "Nicewood" :-). That village belongs to the county seat "Rosenberg". Closest larger town is "Breslau". That area had been a part of Germany called "Schlesien". After World War II the Agreement of Potsdam by the victorious powers assigned Schlesien to Poland.

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During both World Wars and the connected political agreements the Mikles Family lost all of their land and property. After World War II the German Mikles where gone.

Only one of them survived, my grandfather Paul Mikles. He lost his mom and dad, his brother, his home, just everything. He had nothing more than his life, his cloths on his back and a handful of photos of his past life. His destroyed home town "Schönwald" in "Schlesien" now belonged to Poland and he never saw it again.

As the last survivor of the German Mikles, he started reconstruction of his life at the age of 25. He settled as close as possible to his old home in a village in the southeast of Germany and became a schoolprincipal. He build a house, planted a tree and fathered a son - my dad. The German Mikles had survived.


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